Please read the below terms and accept them with the link at the bottom to proceed with your order.

  1. All screenplays must be received in standard industry format.
  2. Feedback on all scripts, regardless of length, will be returned within a maximum of 21 days of receipt of funds, or receipt of script (whichever is the later). You will receive a receipt number, via e-mail on that day.
  3. All feedback is provided electronically in either a Word (.doc) or plaintext (.txt) document.
  4. All scripts must be sent to scripts@dukemedia.co.uk.
  5. All cheques must be made out to Benjamin Szwediuk, and must clear before a receipt maybe issued, and work begun on your script.
  6. All scripts are non-returnable, and it is assumed by dukemedia.co.uk, that the client has taken appropriate measures to safe-guard their work.
  7. Rules pertaining to copyright and intellectual property in the U.K. and abroad are fully applicable and apply to both dukemedia.co.uk. and its clients. Please note, however, that dukemedia.co.uk accepts no responsibility for legal action taken against its clients for their own infringement of copyright.
  8. All submissions are treated with the utmost discretion and will not be shared with any third parties, excepting those subcontracted to provide the requested service, all of who are similarly bound by laws governing intellectual property.
  9. All queries concerning dukemedia.co.uk and the services it provides should be sent to info@dukemedia.co.uk.
  10. Please ensure any queries regarding a submitted script are accompanied with the appropriate script number.
  11. dukemedia.co.uk does not provide a proof-reading service, and while observations regarding notable omissions or errors may be made, it is not the responsibility of the company to ensure the scripts’ standards of grammar or spelling.
  12. Electronic scripts may only be submitted in .txt , .doc and .pdf formats.
I understand and accept these terms.